Outdoor Activities


All kinds of activities can be done in this privileged environment.

    • Water sports and fishing activities (4 kms)
    • Skiing (Ski Rasos de Paguera, 20 km., The Molina 40 kms.)
    • Horse riding (10 kms)
    • Tennis (3 km)
    • Paragliding (14 km)
    • Climbing
    • Mountain Biking
    • Hiking


If you want to go on a trip, there are several interesting paths you can find near the house and we can provide you some information about them, such as maps, length, difficulty level and characteristics.

Also, in a didactic way, there are some tours to recognize medicinal plants, trees, human and economic environment of the farm in the past, and other curiosities.

In the forest, if we pay attention, and above all respect, we can see many species of birds, reptiles and mammals. The easiest mammals to see are horses and cows, which are in the farm, but you may be able to see wild animals like wild boars and deer among many others who live on the farm.

Please respect and caution to any plant or animal you encounter.

In addition to a moral duty, there are many species protected by law and can be sanctioned by forestry officers who patrol the forest and are on the alert for any trace of fire.