Our house


This large house of 400 square meters each floor, follows the style of the great Catalan mountain farmhouses, with many adjacent buildings and with its own chapel.

Thanks to the many scrolls preserved through many generations we have been able to reconstruct its history from the eleventh century until today.

In our house you will find:



Double or quadruple rooms, all with heating and indoor toilet



Showers and hot water services






Spaces for activities


Swimming pool



Dining room


History of the farm

Although there is evidence of probable Roman origin, we are certain Les Eres de Guardiolans existed in the eleventh century, as recorded in contemporary documents. Then, it reported to the barony of La Portella and the gentlemen of the nearby Roset castle, in the ancient church of Santa Magdalena de Guardiolans.

Despite it was not a medieval large farmhouse-style building, it grew over time in land area and size of the building itself, thanks to agricultural, livestock and forest owners, and it turned into a major house.

With the period of economic growth of the country in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the house was restored, both the building and annexes, showing then more or less the same structure we can see today.

At the same time, the family chapel was renovated, building an outstanding baroque altar with paintings by master Viladomat. It remained intact until the Civil War (1936-1939), during which it was completely destroyed, as well as his extraordinary platinum alloy bells, which were attributed miraculous powers.

The family with the surname Heres, who still wielded it in the fourteenth century, joined Comelles in the XVIth century and Anglerill in the XIXth century, and they are now the current owners.

Since ancient times, Les Eres has attracted people who are sensitive to the beauty and peace of the environment and they have left evidence of his legacy. Writers, painters, artists, some with well-known names, have enjoyed the beauty of this landscape.  

Today we continue to offer this place to anyone who needs a few days of lull in the hectic pace of modern life.